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Part-2: How To Use Facebook Audience Insights For Better Targeting?
Posted by Mark Walter on 22 March 2017 09:57 pm

If you are following from the previous steps, you will see a list of the Top other Categories that will determine your potential audience interested in, as well as the most popular pages they have subsribed within each category.

Interested Categories

We can expect those BREAST FEEDING MOM are always look for those information relevent to her Baby-Care. So, we can assume that they might be more interested in various Products/ Services Pages (inside FB). They also follow their celebrities and love to use products they recommend, Companies/ Retailers they rely upon, Media/ Publishing/ Websites they watch and refer regularly and those Products they keen to get often for their babies.


While few other categories are irrelevent. Because our target audience just Hang around there and Not go for purchase or shopping. I.e. TV Shows, Movies, Community, News, Organisations etc.

So, Facebook gives us above list of various categories and its related pages where we can go for further re-search to analyse HOW POPULAR they are among the community and How its potentiality in bying behaviour.

Now, Let's take each category's result to find out weather it's relevent and popular inside Facebook. We can start with Public Figure category.

 i.e. 'Breastfeeding Mama Talkcopy and Paste inside the Interests Search field. If it doesn't show result the moment we paste, consider it is NOT suitable Or Targeted place for our product. Move ahead with another Page title. The Badass Breastfeeder

Once again Copy n Paste The Badass Breastfeeder inside the Interests Search field. YES! It shows it's Popular among FB Pages. It also shows it's relevancy and Popularity rank. And the most important 'Affinity Rank'. 

Affinity Rank

(Affinity Rank is THE KEY FACTOR to get the the RIGHT AUDIENCE. It's All about How much of a connection a Page or a Person have with each fan. If we get them Liking, Commenting and Sharing more content, it demonstrates higher affinity. The Higer Affinity, Higer connectivity.) 

Now, Let's check the third page: The Leaky Boob. But first remove the previous interest criteria: The Badass Breastfeeder. So we can get focused results. It shows following results. 

Let's move on another Category: COMPANY. (Ref. First Image). Where we can see the Brand :CARTER's. If we can check the relevancy inside it shows us...


Althoygh results shows better Audience and connectivity, but still Affinity Score is Very Low (i.e. less than 50). So we can't consider it for focused marketing. Of course it's better to consider for BRANDING and Impression But Not for Sales objective. – But if we see a very high affinity score (Min. more than 70-100), it will be extremely likely that the audience we select is also liking those pages. Consider them as your Gold Mine.

To understand with one more effective example from the 'Baby/ Kids Goods' category. i.e. Medela.

  • Available Audience: 250K - 300K monthly active people (277.7K Avg.)
  • From Inside Facebook: 377K appx. Per Month
  • Affinity: 86x

That means this is also fulfilled target criteria with an effective numbers. So, Let's consider MEDELA Facebook Page for targeting Offer. 

We hope you must have got at least basic idea about conidering your target audience. You can continue with playing with the target audience until you see more relevant results in Top Categories and Page Likes.

Make sure we may not be able to use all of the pages we just discovered. Sometimes even the smaller pages can be considered for the ad targeting, while other pages with just hundreds of thousand of fans may not appear in Detailed Targeting.