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Part-1: How To Use Facebook Audience Insights For Better Targeting?
Posted by Mark Walter on 20 March 2017 06:51 pm

Let's start to get the Insight of Facebook audience. So, that you will Understand, Learn, Analyse and Apply to market your Product from the existing Data.

Go to: You will see the following page. Login with your existing Profile detail.

 (If You are coming first time, we insist you to look at its glimpses & features. So, it will be easier for you to go aehad effectively.

After Login You will see the following Screen.


After clicking to 'Audience Insight' You will see this following Pop-up. (Of course if you coming first time, you will see Only 2 Options. Otherwise you may have 3 options if you will use often.

Choose Your Audience

  • Everyone on Facebook: It gives an overview of the whole of Facebook (By default it shows U.S. insight, Although you can change this later). You can select if you want to analyse the data based on broad interests or other Pages.
  • People Connected to Your Page: It directs you to select your own Facebook Page (from all the those Pages you have created or manage.) It is useful to understand your existing audience.
  • A Custom Audience: If you have already started to use insight you can select an existing audience.
    To prepare for Custom Audience, you'll need to upload a list of email addresses. FB will match those email addresses with user accounts. If you have a Big list of data, this is an excellent tool that enables to understand demographics and geographic of people you want to know are already using your brand/ Product Or Service.

When you are at the begining to get the overall insight, you can start with 'Everyone On Facebook'.

 Let's see How will it Look when you come inside the Dashboard after selecting this option.



Now, let's go ahead with a perticular Niche Market i.e Kids Products (age between 2 to 6 Years) as a case study to learn the real scenario with an output of those Data. We take following segment.

Target Segment: Children's Clothing, Toys (from Age: 2 to 6 Years)

Geographic:        USA

Target Gender:    All Women who are Mothers (from Age: 24 to 45 Years)

In Location, Age & Gender fields you can set the above criteria. While in 'Interest' section, it guides with 9 major categories. From these we have to select 2 major categories. (mentioned in red with its sub categories in green)

  • Business & Industires
  • Entertainment 
  • Family & Relationships  → Motherhood, Parenting
  • Fitness & Wellness 
  • Food & Drinks
  • Hobbies & Activities
  • Shopping & Fashion → Clothing → Children Clothing, Toys
  • Sports & Outdoors
  • Technology

We can start with 'Family & Relationships' category. It shows Motherhood & Parenting in sub category for the relevent market.

Selected Categories 






Now Instead of promoting Children's clothing & Toys to people who are Only interested in “Buying” them, which includes more than 7-8 million users in just the United States, we can use the tool to discover laser-specific interests that will include only those Breast-Feeding MOMs who are most passionate about buying Only '0-2 years Kids' Products. By filtering this focuse we can find 250K to 300K Moms (while researching).


After making any changes to the audience, we can see immediately how the 'New Audience' changed from millions to thousands. As these changes (With age and gender Graph) updates too.

Now, If you think you’ve already found target market that may buy well, You are still just begining going towards 'Laser Focused' market. We can find more specefic and focused market by searching dozens of other related interests, behaviour to scale your campaigns and get more sales.

How to do that? : Check the Part-2 here.

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