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03- How to Migrate Your Published Products From Other Apps to UnitExpress?
Posted by Mark Walter on 16 May 2017 07:49 pm

When you are already an experiencing Online Retailing activities, you always try to be updated from various eComm factors through shopify Apps. So are we through our UniteXpress App. We always try to give you flexibility in all levels of drop-shipping journey by giving you Time, efforts and of course money saving support through our features.

If you are already using other (third party Drop-shipping) App, UX gives you an additional option to manage & maintain your Products' listing and Orders (consider as a friendlier bonding) with ease. Because it has better facilities & user experience.

So, you have an opportunity to migrate your products' listing & Order listing from other Apps to UE in just single click. Let's show how it works.

Data Migration from Other App to UnitExpress

It works like a magic wand. When you would like to transfer your Product listing Or Order Listing from 3rd Party App to UniteXpress, You need to be on the Other party's App Dashboard. (make sure you have also installed UniteXpress Chrome Extension installed before you fulfill this process.)

First, Click on the UniteXpress Extension. You will find a small Pop-up menu which will give you only 2 options.

  • Sync Published Products
  • Sync Order.

Just click on 'Sync Published Products' and watch the entire process fulfilling from one app to UniteXpress Dashboard. Taking only few seconds. That's it.