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02- Begin Your Dropshipping Journey...
Posted by Mark Walter on 19 March 2017 03:12 am

We will focus following steps to make our drop-shipping journey easy and enjoyable.

  1. Selection of Niche(s) 
  2. Selection of Product(s)
  3. Selection of Drop-shipping Supplier(s)
  4. Selection of Price/ Mark-up
  • Selection of Niche

Niche Selection

In the world of product categories, following exclusive niches are defined. They can lead to many more multiple sub niches at the deep down level with millions of options through factors l.e. Gender, Ages, Demographic, Geographic areas etc. 

This is a very exciting subject as each person has his own niche or love / hobby for a paticular product or field , here ask yourself what you love.

  • Health & Fitness
  • Hobbies & Interests
  • Wealth & Money
  • Relationship & Dating 

if you want to have a lot of Ideas on broader scale, Download this Chart for inspiration on various niches.

Niche Categories

  • Selection of Product(s)

Product Selection

Many drop-shippers like to ship their products mainly in the USA. Even buyers from USA are also bit scared for big purchase. Spec. if they sense the product is being shippied from China. Of course small amount of dollars don't give them bothereration for those product they found unique and unavialble in major e-commerce giants.

We we recommend you to select products between 2-10$ and mark them put to sell between 20-30$. If you can share some more details on your niche can guide you on more specific products which would be good sellers.

  • Selection of Drop-shipping Supplier

Select Reliable Supplier

Before You look for relaibel supplier(s), it's bit challanging to differentiate between authorised wholesale suppliers and retail stores' wholesale suppliers. A true wholesaler buys directly from the manufacturer and usually offers you notabely better pricing.

Regarding selection of relaibel suppliers, we suggest that inside UniteExpress App you better do search in Products Search and Import section, Sort by Seller rating would be the correct filter to get connected with good suppliers.

  • Selection of Price/ Mark-up

We have already explained about setting-up price for your online retailing. Click This link Here for further information.