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Posted by Mark Walter on 26 February 2017 10:32 pm
  • How Can I Come on UniteXpress Dashboard Fast?

 a. Login Into Your Shopify Store. Go to App section and Click on UniteXpres Link.

  • How can I install UniteXpress Chrome Extension and use?

When you come first time in your UniteXpress Dashboard, at the top, you will see a Bar inviting you to Install the Extention.

Just Click on 'Get the Chrome Extention'. It will lead you to Google Extention Center and you will be able to install it seconds. Or when you are here Click on this UniteXpress Extention here Now.

  • Do we Need to Update UniteXpress Extention?

Usually Google Extention Center takes care of it. Although, If you find any technical error, Just Go to the link mentioned above and re-install it in seconds.

  • I can't access to UnteXress App. What's the reason?

Your internet connection might be disconnected for a while. Have patience, and Contact Us via raising a ticket or on 

  • How do I filter products with ePacket shipping in AliExpress?

When you click on the Extention at the Top-right corner of your Browser You will see this small window.


It's simple and easy to set-up filter will allow you to filter your results based on your queries. 

  • Does UniteXpress involved in my Payment process?

UniteXpress only allows you to approve your Order through Process. As soon as you approve the order, It gets you to the Order Confirmation Page on AliExpress Where you will see the final Order details & you process the order. For More details: Check this Linked Article Here.

  • UniteXpress App is available on other platforms?

Currently it's Only available On Shopify Platform. Soon we will be available on other Ecommerce platforms.

  • I already sell products from How can I connect them with UniteXpress?

Read This ArticleIt will guide you from starting.

  • Will my customers know that I am selling through

No, neither UniteXpress nor informs your customer about the source of your products. We also don’t insert such information into your shop, and we don’t publish our customers list publicly.

  • Can you help to customize your App as per my requiremnts?

At present APP covers all the features required after huge resarch and development, still something missing and helpful we welcome your ideas, dont hesitate to drop a line to 

  • How can I uninstall UnteXress App?

Login Into Your Shopify Store. Go to App section and Click on the last 'Delete' icon of the UniteXpress App list. In just a few seconds it will be removed from your Store. (But we always love to be with you for your betterment ;-) 

  • How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel the subscription at any time. Just Uninstall & subsciption is cancelled.

  • How can I get a refund?

Our "Free" package is forever Free upto 499 Orders & Unlimited Items You will be charged ONLY AFTER you transact 500 Orders through UniteXpress App & charged after one month of usage not in advance so you will never have this issue, and if so drop us a line & our support team will handle this query.

  • How can I change my UnteXress App subscription plan?

Just Go to UniteXpress Dashboard's Settings section. You will find second Tab 'Manage Subscription'. Select the plan you want to update. And Voila! You will be ready to soar more with an additional features from UniteXpress App.

Apart of all the details we have explained, there are many question you may have to utilize the UniteXpress app effectively. Here are few more Frequently asked questions with answers we have collected for You. 

Apart of the list below, if you still have any query, feel free to ask at: