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02- How UniteXpress Helps You to Ship & Track Your Orders?
Posted by Mark Walter on 26 February 2017 10:28 pm

Once order is placed & paid by your customer, then with 1 click you place the order on Aliexpress from the Orders Page by clicking the ORDER IT Button.

Order Process

Once you pay your supplier for the placed order The Aliexpress Order Number is updated on UniteXpress Orders page.

Once the supplier ships the product and the e-Packet Tracking Number/AWB (Airway Bill Number)/ details are updated on UniteXpress, the App will update your Shopify Related Order on fulfillment and your Shopify Store will send an email informing the customer the details of the e-Packet Tracking Number/AWB.

The Tracking Number you will see on the Order page, will keep you updated whether these goods are In processing, Picked Up, or Delivered. You can check by clicking the Tracking Number & its Detailed Updates will be visible.