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03- F.A.Qs For Shipping
Posted by Mark Walter on 12 March 2017 07:07 pm

About ePacket

  • What's is ePacket actually and Why it's useful for considering in Shipping for?

For merchants in Hong Kong Or in China who ship small packages to customers in the United States, ePacket delivery is an affordable shipping option. The ePacket services can only be used for packages that weigh no more than 4.4 pounds.

The USPS treats these packages like first-class mail once they arrive in the USA. Packages shipped using the ePacket service use barcoded labels that the USPS and Hongkong Post can read and track.

USPS, and Hongkong Post created the ePacket service to increase mail and shipping options for Hong Kong merchants. You can Bookmark this link to track Your own Or customer's ePacket Order. 

Usually ePacket delivery takes up to 2 Weeks for the customer to receive their order compared to 30-45 days through China-Post delivery. 


  • How UniteXpress is Responsible & Helping in Shipping and Tracking?

UE is a platform for making Your Dropshipping process faster through Aliexpress from Selecting, Selling to Shipping & Teracking Orders. It's Not attached with any Shipping products. Any Shipping related issues are liable to Aliexpress directly.

  • How UniteXpress Helps You to Ship & Track Your Orders?

Go to ORDER section on your UE App Dashboard. Whoever will order their details will be appeared as a list with all major details. You must need to click on 'Order It' button (like the Magic Wand) and watch the whole Order Process automatically. It will take you to AliExpress Order Page and ultimatly ask you to Veryfy the Order. 

Then you need to Verify the Order on Aliexpress Order Page. You fulfill the Order with your own advanced Payment. Aliexpress will verify your Payment Details and give you Order Tracking Number with all details about Customer. 

This details will automatically be updated in your UE Dashboard in Order Section. Refer this Article to know more about this process in details.

  • Who is responsibel for Shipping My Customer's Product's Order?

Only AliExpress. 

  • What should I do if my Customer has NOT received their Product?

We would like to advise you to contact your seller first by going to your My Orders page. Check that particular order and write a personal mail to the sellers. They are very responsive and guide for solutions.