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How to Process Orders Easily?
Posted by Admin on 26 February 2017 07:39 pm

When You have Published your Products on Your Shopify Store, You have completed almost half the your e-commerce journey.

But the Real game is yet to start. There is a HUGE game of Marketing & Advertising. Without it will look like your new car laying in your Garrage. You can't just sit dumb and expact from people to send you Orders. You need continious Marketing Campaign to attract people.

You have to generate a lot of traffic at your store. You have to attract people by using extesive advertising, pull-in Target buyers through various campaigns. But that's the different play you need to handle it very very effectively.

Let's check (presume) it out What will happen When you start to get order? 

When you click on the menubar 'Orders' you will see this. Ofcourse there are many important things in this area. We would like to show you each of them with the red comment-Box in this following image.

Features Of Order Processing


Obviously as a new Seller you will be eager to see at least your First order. Although when you have a huge list of Orders you will be able to Search, Sort and Monitor them in just a few clicks.

Anyway, whoever will submit their Order, It will be appeared as a List as shown in this following image. You can get all the details about customer, their Order.  

Automatic Order Processing Starts from Here...



We have also said before that UniteXpress App has been built with an objective to make your Dropshipping process far easy. Now It's time to see actually happening in front of your eyes. 

When You allow your order to reach to your supplier (of Aliexpress), Your Order button (at the right side) is just awaiting your click to trasnform into a Magic-wand for the order process. With just a single Click you will be able to see...

  • How it opens your AliExpress Account
  • How it reaches to the Product Page there
  • How it authentic the Product Details & Qutantity
  • How it checks Customer's Shipping Address
  • How it reviews the Order
  • How it authenticates Your Credit Card Details and 

Voila!!! it will just wait for your Final "Confirm & Pay' button for ending the process. That's it! - Game Over. See this following image How will it look in One page as a result.