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How to Do Product Search inside UnitExpress App?
Posted by Admin on 19 February 2017 05:03 pm

UnitExpress gives you Standard and Advanced search facility to import your products through search effectively.

Let's begin with Standard Search.

If you have searched before and saved its URL of product list (from Aliexpress) inside your any Notepad Or any text Document, You can paste that URL in the firt search bar.


Standard Search Mode


You can even use only Product ID to fetch that product from AliExpress to Improt in your List.

Once results shows, you can sort out this list with specific criteria i.e. Keyword, Product Category, Price range, Popularity Or even Ranking with Advanced Search Mode is enabled. 


Advanced Search Mode

Search results through this facility gives you hassle-free selection for products you want to Import and Sell. Once you have listed your products from Aliexpress to (make it ready to sell) your store. All products will be listed as a 'Imported Products' list. 

Chek it out what should be done through the 'Imported Products' list.