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01- How to import Products Directly From AliExpress in Your Store?
Posted by Admin on 10 March 2017 11:36 pm

When You install UEx Chrom Extention in your Chrome Browser, You will notice the Small Icon near your Address Bar. This icon is your Importation Button. If you can Click this Button (make sure You must be in Site to enable) You will find its Setting Button as follows.

UniteXpress Extension Settings

Whenever you will be in AliExpress it will show you almost every product with their Tag and Shipping Details as a Search results. See the image below.

Direct Import Products From AliExpress

Click on the Icon, and in just One-Click all the details of the selected product will be listed into Your UniteXpress 'Imported Products' List.

Note: Make sure that you must be Log-in with your UniteXpress app opened in the next browser tab when importing from AliExpress.