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02- How to Set-up Imported Products List?
Posted by Mark Walter on 19 February 2017 09:27 pm

One of the most important thing in UE App is it makes your Listing process faster with many key-steps and features.

You have searched products. You have also decided which products you want to sell from your store.

When you arrive on 'Imported Products' list section. You will find see i.e. following list.

Imported Products List


In this 'Imported Products' section, you will have many options with your listing before you can actual making it live on your store to display. But first see following image it looks.

Before you setting-up your Imported list with available features, you can make-up your mind which product is considered for publishing and which one is for eleminated from the store. To do that Click On this 'Action' button and select 'Remove from the Import List' Or 'Edit/ View Details'.

As soon as you remove that product it will be disappeared from the list and you will be able to start editing listed products.

You can even click directly on the product title. So it will show you this image.

Editing Section

You can see it snippet with a...

  • Product Thumbnail
  • Product Title
  • No. of Images Available from the supplier 
  • Product Varient
  • Auto-Update details from the supplier
  • Action Button: To select any appropreate action for that listed Product.

 Now, You will find 4 parts in this section.

  1. Title:
    It's the most important magnatic element for the Sellers & Byers. Spend more time on to make it very effective, eye-catching & SEO friendly.
  2. Descriptions:
    If you are a good copywriter, you can use your skill to give funky details about your product feature, Benefits and short-story (if you know any). 
    With its in-built Text-editor You can also make your text more appealing or vibrant.

  3. Image Editing:
           a. Select/ deselect the image
           b. Edit the image with in-built Photo-Editor (which has 20 useful features & filters)
           c. View the image in full size
           d. Remove the image.

          (Special Suggestion: Select max. 4-5 image(s) to give your store window good        look.)

  4. Varients: 
    If a Product is giving different Size's Or Color in the same range and Selling Price. Basically this section gives you to setup the prices individually with different SKU Number. So, a Buyer have choice to purchase one product with multiple selection. Important thing to notice here is, You can also check How many Packs are available at supplier's place. So You can even control to Continue/ Discontinue the product sale.

 If you are satisfied with all your details, Texts, Images, Click On either on 'Publish to Shopify' to make it ready for selling or 'Save' it for the future sale or Campaign.

Ready to Publish

Once it will be Published, You will see this following Window of 'Published Products'.

Published Products

Once your products will be published on your store, check your confidence level. We assure you it will be on a higher level. You will love to see, watch your products, Display, Look-out again n again etc. Pet On!!!

Now it's time to start getting Orders and fulfilling its process. Let's Look at the Order Section.