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01- How To Setup Pricing Rules For Your Store?
Posted by Mark Walter on 19 February 2017 06:11 pm

The most important factor for any Online Selling Store is to sell its products' competitive Selling Price with sustainable profitibility along with.

To make this process easy, UnitExpress gives facility to Pre-Set pricing criteria automatically. 

There is one more facility along with Retail Price for showing competitive Pricing. That's COMPARE Price. Compare price can be set-up for showing (Higher) price also that's available from other Retailers. That treats a buyer to give satisfaction value while making purchasing decision. We also have explained along with this. 

Now, Let's Go to 'Setting' section on Dashboard. You will see this.


 In 'Static Option'. You can set with 2 criterias. (a) Fixed & (b) Multipler.

In Fixed option gives value of Profit with an added Number we set. E.g.

Any Product Cost + Fixed Profit Margin = Product Price.

$5 + $2 = $7 Or $10 + $4.5 = $14.5.

That means whatever the Product cost is, it will be Added the fixed profit margin in your listing.

In Multiplier option gives value of profit with the Number multiplied.

Any Product Cost + Multiplied Profit Margin = Product Price.

$5 x $2 = $10 Or $10 x $4.5 = $45

  That means whatever the Product cost is, it will be Multiplied the profit margin in your listing.

If You wish to enable 'Compare Pricing Rule' (at the below) You can apply the same as explained above. So, at the end of Setting-up Retail Price and Compare Price with Static Option, Price Tag will handle it's value accordinly.

Now, Let's See How Range Option works. 

Range option gives flexibility to set a range of Price. From Minimum to Maximum. E.g. 

If the Product Cost is Fixed i.e.

From 0 to $2.99 and you want to set your profit margin $5 then the Retail Price will be fixed: $5. Then whatever the price is.

While in Multiplier it will be multiplied with any range price. i.e. 0 to 2.99 X 5 = Multiplied Number with 5.

After this setup, Always remeber to Click On SAVE button. :-). At the end, It's You who decide How to Play with Profitibility.