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For Publishers: About Ads
Posted by Mark Walter on 20 January 2018 08:22 pm

What kind of ads will be shown?
Only those Ads (of products) that are sold by other Shopify merchants. You can select your own Products’ related Ads offered by other Shopify Store owners.

Can I set ads for my other Blogs or Website?
No. Unite Ads are ONLY For Shopify specific stores at the moment.

How many display units can I place on a page?
Max 6 Ads Display units.

Will visitors see repeated ads?
If you have selected Broad Category, Ads will be different. However if you have highly specific niche products then there is a chance that Ads will be repeated until other ads will be added to that category.

Can a visitor click multiple ads?
Yes. After all, that’s the conversion you are looking forward to with your traffic.

How will I know if the ads are getting viewed, and clicked?
You can view real-time statistics for your Ads display unit by viewing your Publisher Summary page.