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For Publishers: Setup Questions
Posted by Mark Walter on 20 January 2018 07:41 pm

Who is the Unite Traffic App Publisher?
A Publisher is a person who places Ads of an Advertiser to promote their products for additional revenue by utilizing his/her Shopify store traffic.

Whenever any visitor comes to the publisher’s Shopify store and clicks one of the Ads, is eligible to receive % of Credits that an Advertiser has defined for that campaign.

Who is eligible to be an Advertiser?
A Shopify Store Owner, who believes that its Website (Store) has potential to promote additional products of others with its existing traffic.

Why should I be a publisher with Unite Traffic?
To create Win-Win situations between Advertisers and Publishers.

Because Unite Traffic provides an innovative service opportunity for those who are looking to monetize their high-quality traffic. By being a publisher, you can exchange traffic with other online stores.

Does it cost anything to be a publisher?

How do I get started?
When you select PUBLISHER section, you will find following board.

First, you have a choice to either you wish Be a Publisher. When you enabled to be a Publisher, You will have all settings with just a few clicks to activate your Ads publishing process.

Select your Product Category  Sub-category  Target Specific Audience.

After that, you can customize Ad’s Layout & Style which can give creative and eye-catching look at your Ad-page. As image follows.

Spec. Remarks: You can also set the Ad-layout with your current Shopify Theme with a single click.


That’s It. It’s Hassle-free setup in just few seconds and Ads will be activated on your Product’s Pages.


Can I install the Ads app on other ecommerce platforms?
At present Unite Traffic app supports only for Shopify platform based e-commerce stores.

Where will the Ads unit be displayed on my store?
It’s Your Choice. Although, we recommend front page or your product page, so that you get the best results.

The Installation Guide will help you get you the Ads unit displayed in the right place.

I'm having difficulty following the Installation Guide, what should I do?
Contact , and we'll help you.

Please provide the following details if you wish Hands-on guidance:

  • Guest access account to your Shopify Store.
  • The specific page URL you'd like to display the ad unit.
  • The location on the page, you'd like to display the ad unit, as well as any display customizations you'd like.

What display customizations are available?
On Publisher Settings page: You can create your Ad with your specific Header Text, Font sizes, Font Colors, Border Color, Vertical/horizontal positioning, and Numbers of items.

Although, in case you have a dedicated technical team or possess the knowledge of.liquid based theme modifications, you can also adjust the style of the display unit, by using your own CSS.

I've configured the look/feel of the Ads unit, but it doensn't look right. What should I do?
Contact, and we'll be happy to look into the issue for you.