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For Advertisers- Creating Campaigns
Posted by Mark Walter on 20 January 2018 07:29 pm

Advertiser Dashboard?

This is the Advertiser's Dashboard.

How to create an Ad? 

Click on the upper left corner ‘Create Campaign’. You will find following Popup.

Sample Scenario Campaign-1

You want to run a Christmas Campaign for ‘Women’s Garments from 20 th December to 31 st December for following products.

  • Give the Title: i.e. Women’s Winter Collection.
  • You will create 3 individual ads for each of those above products mentioned.
  • Daily Budget: You can define How much you will spend per day on All Ads for this campaign.
  • Start & End Date: You can pre-plan your campaign before i.e. 2 Weeks prior to Christmas. It will active during the Start and End Date & Time.

Now, you are ready to create an ad for this campaign.

 Now, Click on + button you are ready to create an ad for this campaign. 

Select a Product -> Select One of the Variant -> Change One or more optional Product’s details. -> Select Ad filter, which will make your Ad unique.

This will help you to generate Maximum Views and Clicks. This will in turn give your website effective traffic and lead to better sales.