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For Advertisers: General Questions
Posted by Mark Walter on 20 January 2018 07:18 pm

Who is the Unite Traffic App Advertiser?
An advertiser on Unite Traffic App is person who creates campaigns to display ads to promote his/her products from other heavy traffic Shopify stores.

Who is eligible to be an Advertiser?
Shopify Store Owner, who believes that its products have potential and needs to boost for better sales.

I am an Advertiser, What kind of campaigns can I create?
Unite Traffic allows you to create CPC (Cost per Click) based campaign. In which you will be charged ONLY if a user clicks on your displayed Ad.

Can you explain How CPC ad will work?
When you install Unite Traffic App in your Shopify store, you will see following dashboard.

[ CPC (Cost per Click) is a process websites use to charge based on the number of times a visitor clicks on an advertisement.]

To begin with CPC, we award you 50$ equalvalient to 50,000 credits as a Gift into your account. You can use it for making your Ads with verities of your Products. (It debits from your balance as per your set price for each click,you can make deposits from the Deposits page to add more credits.)

You can top-up more credits from the Dashboard Top-up link


UTA-1-Dasboard.png (838.7 KB)