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Posted by Admin on 22 February 2017 03:24 pm
  • When You Enter into the UniteXpress Setup, You will find this following Dasboard.



  • To make your process Easy, Hassle-free from AliExpress to Your Store, First Get installed Google Chrome Plug-in (Extention) from the Top section of the Dashboard. Once it will be installed, It will be disappeared from their and according to the Set-up of your Search query, You will find the search results in your Chrome Browser.

    By connecting an Extention into your chrome browser, you create a bridge between Your Shopify Store and AliExpress.

  • There are two ways to Setup UniteXpress for Searching, Importing & Publishing Products.

    A. Directly From Aliexpress site. Or B. Inside the Dashboard of UnitExpress App. 

    We will see both the ways here. To Bigin from Site. 

  • When You search a specefic Product in AliExpress searchbar, You will see results as follows. (This is because of UniteXpress Plug-in installed.

  • Now, When You search a specefic Product directly inside UniteXpress searchbar, You will see results as follows.

 In the Next article, we will see How to Search with specific Keywords along with its advanced criteria.